SOCIOLOGISTS FOR WOMEN IN SOCIETY (SWS) is an international organization of social scientists. Members include undergraduate and graduate students, university and college faculty, researchers in business and government, freelance writers and journalists. SWS members share expertise and dedication to attaining social equality forwomen and minorities.

SWS-SOUTH is a regional organization serving the same purposes as, and in liaison with, the national SWS. We hold meetings annually in conjunction with the Southern Sociological Society (SSS). Between annual SWS-South meetings, our bi-annual newsletter and our listserve are the primary means of communication and of keeping our network alive and vigorous. If you are not a member, please join today! Please feel free to download our brochure. Click here for a copy of our bylaws.

Our membership is comprised of scholars from universities and institutions in the South that are actively engaged in studies and teaching social sciences and the issues that affect women. Members networkwithin the organization as a means of increasing their success in this pursuit.


GO FUND US - fundraising campaign

This year, we would like to purchase supplies for our registration table and signage for events. Thus, we are campaigning for funds for these items. If we raise $200.00, I will personally match that donation. THESE FUNDS WILL BE USED FOR SWS-South to buy supplies, ribbons, pens, etc.

Denise L. Bissler

Each year, Sociologists for Women in Society-South sponsors an organization and donates the proceeds of the Silent Auction to the organization. We also collect donations of items that the agency needs during the SSS meetings.

This year, SWS-S is sponsoring Gender Bnders, an organization for transgender, gender variant, LGBTQQI individuals, and our allies in the Upstate of South Carolina (see for more info).

If you would like to donate , please check back here for the upcoming donations portal that we will be posting in the next week.


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Email Sandra Godwin to be added to the listserv. Newsletter releases and a few other events are announced on the list; otherwise it is not a high volume list.



Thank you for visiting the SWS-South webpage!

Welcome to the SWS-South Webpage. If you are a new member or thinking about joining, please feel free to contact me about this wonderful organization. We are a strong network of scholars that work diligently to mentor and support all of our members.

We are a vibrant group that meet annually at the Southern Sociological Society meetings. At the annual meetings, we sponsor research presentations, teaching sessions, and professional workshops. We host a silent auction that takes place during a coffee and dessert reception. The proceeds from the auction go to a local organization serving women in need.

This welcoming group is committed to research and activism that supports the success of all women in society, as well as one another in a wide variety of professional settings (including awards for gender scholarship). We would love to see you at these sessions, the auction, and our business meeting in Greenville, SC in March/April 2017.

Before the meeting, or once you get there, you can become a member by contacting our Membership Chair Carrie Lee Smith.

We also welcome new ideas for sessions or workshops, as well as sessions that you organize. If you have an idea or would like to put a session together, email our Vice-President Stephanie Gonzalez-Guittar.

Check in later to find out what local agency will be the beneficiary of our silent auction and how you can help the cause. We will also have a special session featuring that organization.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me to become more involved or ask questions.

Denise L. Bissler

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